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Expandable Metal Police Batons For Self Defense

Police batons have advanced from the known wood “billy club” of the to the current telescopic and expandable metal police baton. Being direct-impact, these self defense weapons, long available to law enforcement personnel, have been gaining popularity among civilians. They are very efficient at repelling an attacker. I think that the metal baton, for example, has stood the test of time as being durable and simple to carry. More up to date models that are extendable are also more efficient and a fantastic tool for protecting yourself. The handles were designed with a rubber grip so they will not slip out of your hand. I can put one in a holster, making it a breeze to carry along while I am walking, running or driving. Telescopic metal batons are not bulky to carry and provide ease in operation. Their ability to be shifted from their original position to their extended size, back and forth, in swift, one-push moves got me interested in proudly owning one in the first place. Once I first discovered the use of these metal batons as self defense weapons, I found selections of 7, 8.5 and 10 inches in size once closed. Versions with an extended reach, a locking system to keep them in that elongated position when needed. I came across expandable batons that includes a LED light with a capacity of 6,000 hours of illumination and a body made of high-density aluminum with an impact-resistant lens. If I have to work nights this attachable light is a fantastic help.
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