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Everyone must carry pepper spray, this is why

Here are 3 more reasons why everyone MUST carry pepper spray. It really could save your life as it did for the individuals involved in these recent incidents which took place in Alabama, Kansas and Pennsylvania. In Wichita, a young women was sound asleep in her home last weekend when a man came in and attempted to rape her. The attacker covered her face with a towel and began his assualt. During the struggle the women was able to get her pepper spray. Upon spraying him he immediately stopped the attack and ran away. A Pennsylvania women was grabbed and attacked whilce jogging. Out of nowhere a hooded man grabbed her. The women fought and was able to break free, but he chased her down. She was armed with pepper spray which quickly stopped the attack. In downtown Florence, Alabama a man walked into a business armed with a box cutter demanding cash. The store attendant bent over and acted as if she was getting money, instead she grabbed pepper spray. A quick spray to the face and the attempted robbery was thwarted. These are just a three examples of the dangerous times we live in. Think about it, would you have been prepared and equipped to fight for your life. How about your husband, wife, sister or daughter? It's time we got serious about our personal security and something as simple and inexpensive as pepper spray can be the difference. Pepper spray is highly effective at stopping even the most determined attackers. It takes no special training, no special skill set, gives the ability to stop an attacker from a safe distance, is legal, and completely non-lethal. fox labs pepper spray
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