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  • SafeFamilyLife Extreme College Survival Kit

    A college age friend of mine recently texted me saying that she had been scared into doing a better job defending herself. A little concerned, I asked her what had happened. It turned out that when she was walking alone at a huge mall, she found herself being followed by a man. She didn’t realize it until she entered an accessories store, where the man had followed her and suddenly asked for her name. She refused to tell him and then ran out of the store. Apparently, the man was...

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  • SABRE Spitfire Makes Personal Safety Easy! The Fastest Deploying Key Chain Pepper Spray Available!

    SABRE Spitfire Keychain Pepper Spray is available for immediate sale from Guardian Self Defense & Security Products LLC. Spitfire will revolutionize the pepper spray product market with three distinct advantages. Spitfire Advantages Fires over the shoulder with patented deployment technique. Deploys with less effort and greater accuracy from the hip. Quickly releases from keys. Testimonial: "Tonight, I was mugged, just a block from my house in St. Louis. The guy got my phone, which I handed over to him. Then he reached into a backpack for a "gun" I'm pretty...

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  • Top 10 Tips for a Safe Home

    Lock doors and windows. Lock all doors at night and every time you leave the house. Make sure every window and sliding doors have a working lock or securely pinned. Secure windows and sliding doors with secondary blocking devices (i.e. a door jammer). Use alarms or anti-lift devices to prevent windows and glass from being lifted out. Crime-proof outside areas. Lighting is one of the most cost-effective deterrents to burglary. Keep yard, porch, garage doors, pathways and entrances well-lit at night. Consider motion detecting lights which turn on automatically as...

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  • Extra 10% off through Christmas! Plus FREE shipping on orders $100.00 or more!

    Save big now on all self defense products. All pepper spray, stun guns, tasers, personal alarms and more on sale now. Save an extra 10% off of our low prices between now and midnight Christmas night. Plus get Free shipping on all orders over $100. Use promo code LAST2011 during checkout!

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  • Non Lethal Self Defense for Personal Security and Peace Of Mind

    How much is your well being and peace of mind worth? That's the question I posed to a large group during a presentation on self defense and personal security. The overwhelming response was that their well being and peace of mind were "priceless". With that being said most were ill prepared with regards to their safety situation. Rape, abductions, assaults, and home invasions are just a handful of the crimes which are most prevalent in our society. A women is raped somewhere in the United States every 2 minutes, a...

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  • Buy same police pepper spray used at UC Davis and Occupy

    The pepper spray incidents that took place at UC Davis and various Occupy locations has the social networks buzzing. Opinions vary greatly depending on who you talk with. The one thing that everyone seems to agree on is that police pepper spray is ultra effective! The pepper spray of choice for most professionals is Fox Labs International Premium Aerosol Defense Sprays. Fox boasts the following; " Simply stated, in their categories; Fox Labs International's Premium Defense Spray Products are formulated to be the safest, hottest and most effective you can...

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  • Everyone must carry pepper spray, this is why

    Here are 3 more reasons why everyone MUST carry pepper spray. It really could save your life as it did for the individuals involved in these recent incidents which took place in Alabama, Kansas and Pennsylvania. In Wichita, a young women was sound asleep in her home last weekend when a man came in and attempted to rape her. The attacker covered her face with a towel and began his assualt. During the struggle the women was able to get her pepper spray. Upon spraying him he immediately stopped the...

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  • Michigan lawmakers proposal would allow concealed gun permit holders to buy Tasers

    Michigan is one of seven states that prohibits it's citizens from purchasing a non-lethal self defense taser for home, business and personal security. Residents can legally carry a handgun in Michigan but the less lethal taser is illegal...go figure? Finally, it appears that law makers may be coming to their senses. If a new proposed law passes concealed gun permit holders would be able to legally purchase the citizen tasers. This would be a small win for consumers but the potential to build on this law could lead to a...

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