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Expanding Steel Batons for Self Defense

Expanding Steel BatonWhen we talk self defense, more specifically non-lethal self defense, several products come to the minds of most. Pepper spray, MACE, stun guns and the Taser to name a few. One that is highly effective, but often forgotten is the expandable or collapsible baton. Law enforcement agencies worldwide have depended on batons since the Victorian era. The first police baton was known to most as the "billy club" as a result of it's popularity numerous different varieties of the first baton have evolved. By far the most popular and effective is the telescopic steel baton. It has taken the place of other batons in almost all law enforcement agencies. These expandable batons are build using a cylindrical outer shaft which contains telescoping inner shafts (typically 2 or 3, depending on the design) that lock into each other when expanded. The shaft is typically made of steel, and has numerous popular uses. The tip of an expandable baton will have a solid tip at the outer end of the inner-most shaft, which increases the power and force of a strike with the baton. The collapsible baton may be carried in a closed or open position depending on the type of holster. You may ask why would you want the ability to carry a baton in its extended position. The answer is functionality. For a police officer, security guard or civilian it is very helpful if it is not possible to collapse the baton right away. To open the telescopic baton, swing it or flick it forcefully and inertia takes over to extend the baton and lock it in place. Most are collapsed by tapping the extended tip on a hard surface. There are several advantages to the expanding baton over traditional fixed versions.
  • They are much easier to carry it or to sit down in a car or chair. For example in it's collapsed position a 16" baton would measure a mere 6".
  • Studies show that just extending the baton is intimidating to many and in many cases prove a proactive tool in deescalating an aggressive for violent situation.
  • A collapsible baton can be used effectively from both the closed and open positions. Once open the advantage is extended reach, but in a closed position you have a powerful striking and pressure point weapon.
How effective are they for civilian use:
  • The expanding baton has proven to be a great self defense tool for defending yourself from aggressive dogs and animals as well as humans.
  • The extended reach make them great to take on walks, bike rides, while jogging or taking the kids to the park. Due to their small collapsed size they are very convenient and easy to carry.
You can get these batons in sized between 16 inches extended (7 inches collapsed) and 26 inches extended (10 inches collapsed). Prices are affordable at $20 to $30 on average. You can even purchase an attachable LED flashlight that fits right on the end. You can view our selection of telescopic stun batons at
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