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Friction Lock Steel Batons

Expandable steel batons are affordable, dependable, and effective self defense weapons. Some people refer to them as telescopic , others as friction lock steel batons; in either case they have replaced the "billy club" in most law enforcement circles. For good reason, expandable steel batons are nearly indestructible; they last forever. In the closed position they are compact, only seven to ten inches; so they are easy to take just about anywhere. With the flip of the wrist they expand and lock into place (hence friction lock). The smallest model is 16" in its expanded position, other models measure 21 and 26 inches respectively. As a self defense weapon you want something that allows you to defend yourself from a distance. This is the main reason law enforcement has adopted the expandable baton. The length of my extended arm is approximately 27 inches, if I am holding the baton in its extended position then I have the ability to defend myself from a minimum of 42 inches (four feet) away. The further you can remain from an attacker the better off you'll be. With the steel baton not only can you keep your distance but you can disable an attacker from a safe distance. Aggressive dogs present a very real problem to walker, joggers, and bikers. With a telescopic baton you can easily keep a dog at bay. Telescopic Steel Baton In addition to a very effective self defense weapon, the baton allows for an LED light attachment. The LED attachment screws right on the back of the baton. The attachment is very durable and has a 6,000 hour life.
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