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Self Defense Packages Make Great Gift Ideas

Don't look now but Christmas is right around the corner. It is Sunday, November 8th and I'm asking myself where has the year gone? Just finished a grocery trip to Wal-Mart and was surprised to see all of their Christmas trees displayed and a line of people buying them up. Over the last few weeks we've started receiving gift wrapping requests from some of our customers. Everything combined has me thinking about our holiday specials at Guardian Self Defense! Recently I put together our first self defense package special and the customer response was and still is tremendous. The name I gave this package was the Hot Shot Self Defense Package, because it featured one our Hot Shot mini stun gun. Hot Shot Self Defense This is a three inch tall stun gun that produces almost a million volts of real stopping power. It is powered by 3 volt lithium batteries and comes with a free holster and lifetime warranty. I mixed in a personal alarm, which is the electronic pocket whistle, you don't blow it; instead you just push a button and sound the 120 decibel whistle alarm. Perfect for attracting attention in an emergency. To complete the package I threw in a 2 ounce pepper spray fogger, a great and dependable first line of defense, also great for dog and crowd control. There you have it that is our Hot Shot Self Defense Package and our customers love it! To build on this for the holiday season, I created what we are calling The Vital Package, this has all of the essentials you need for complete non lethal protection. Vital Package I think our packages are awesome gift ideas for almost any occasion. What better way to say you care than to provide someone with products proven time and time again to prevent and even deter criminal attacks. The Vital security package provides you with cell stun gun, The Pretender; a key chain alarm with flashlight, our pepper spray triple pack and a book that teaches you how to effectively utilize. Finally, I put together a complete self defense, home security and automotive safety package that is perfect for anyone but put together with college students in mind, hence the name College Self Defense and Home Security Package. College Safety Pack The College Safety Package includes the Runt 950K rechargeable stun gun, a dual function door brace, a motion sensor with alarm and emergency auto dial feature, the pepper spray triple pack, the four in one automotive emergency tool, and Mace brand Hot Walkers, which are pepper spray walking weights. Again, this was put together with the college student in mind but is an excellent package for just about anyone. So there you have it, three self defense and home security products that are make perfect gift ideas for just about anyone . At Guardian Self Defense we wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas.
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