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One of the best kept secrets in the advertising industry has to be MerchantCircle. There are not many places left where you can actually advertise your business, products, ideas, or anything free of charge. With MerchantCircle you can actually set up a beneficial account without paying a penny! We've been advertising our self defense product business for several years free of charge. Check us out at Here is just a few things you can do with a free account from MerchantCircle.
  • Create a web based information page. Here you can promote your business or even yourself if you'd like
  • Within the page you have the functionality to create a blog, newsletter, sales offers and more
  • Customer's who visit your page have the ability to contact you via email, to request a deal, and even leave a review
  • It is easy to connect with other merchants and customers. MerchantCircle has "Build Your Network" tab that allows you to search for and communicate with other merchants both locally and out of state
  • They even provide stats on your web page, things like how many times 'robots' crawled your page, how many human visits and what search engine the came from
  • Of course they also offer some really great services that cost money, but the return is well worth it. So as you can see we are fans. In fact, we left the Yellow Pages in lieu of MerchantCircle and have been much more pleased with the results! Give it a shot, again it's free and a great networking tool. So whether you use it for business or personal you will be impressed. Guardian is also entrenched in Tweets via Twitter. Follow our posts at free social media tool that can pay huge dividends for business owners. If you use it for personal reasons you can build quite the impressive network of Twitters very quickly. Twitter only gives you 140 characters, so posts need to be short and to the point. Most people use the space as a "teaser" then link to another web page to get the details. Say you have an email address book with 500 addresses in it. You can import the addresses into Twitter and send them a message asking them to follow you. If they accept then you every time you post something on Twitter they get it. Again, this is free (for now). I fully expect the Twitter nation to begin charging for memberships and guess what, we'll pay up. So if you don't have a MerchantCircle or Twitter account go sign up today. Once you've completed the signup come link to Guardian Self Defense & Security, then go have fun. Enjoy.
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