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Guardian Self Defense Serves Over 20,000 Loyal Customers

We are so grateful to each and everyone of our loyal customers. It is because of you that we can say we've now served over 20,000 customers...and counting! It really doesn't seem like it's been that long, but we are approaching our five year anniversary! I'm proud to tell you that we've seen positive grow in each and every year. Our goals and objectives have not changed. We still aim to EXCEED our customers' expectations. That will never change. Have we made mistakes? Yes, and plenty of them; But I can honestly say that each and every day we learn new things and better ways to serve our most important asset, our customers. We have plans to expand some of our self defense product lines. For example we will be adding some new stun guns, very soon that will be impressive. More defense sprays are coming. Our line of home and personal alarms is growing as well. Again thank you Bryan P.S. If you're new to Guardian, shoot us an email and ask us to send you an electronic copy of our 2009 catalog!
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