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Happy Independence Day - Show Your Support For Our Troops

Army Family Reunion Wishing you and your family a happy 4th of July! I hope all of you will take a moment to remember "Our Heroes" who are directly responsible for the gift of freedom and independence we enjoy in our great Nation. It does not matter if you agree with the war or not. What matters now is that the young men and women of the US Armed Forces know that the sacrifices they make and the risks they take are appreciated by all of us. Our Troops Our Heroes: PFC Kenny Adams, U.S. Army Katy, Texas Kenny lost both eyes after a bullet went through his head and took out both eyes and the front left portion of his brain while he was serving in Afghanistan. The most unfortunate part of this story is that this did not occur as a result of enemy fire, but occurred while a fellow soldier was cleaning a gun in their barracks and it accidentally discharged. Kenny is married to a wonderful woman and although he was given the Roman Catholic Sacrament of “Last Rites” and was not expected to live, he did pull through... He doesn’t hold a grudge against the person responsible for his injury and continues to help other wounded heroes as a personal mission in life. Corporal Steven Schulz, U.S. Marine Friendswood, Texas Steven was on his second tour in Iraq. He was injured when a car bomb exploded under a bridge they were guarding. He lost an eye and was left with a severe Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). His mother quit her teaching job and was with Steven every day during his initial recovery. He continues with rehabilitation and is able to stand with assistance, but spends 95% of his time in his wheelchair. SSgt Daniel Gilyeat, U.S. Marine Kansas City, Kansas Daniel was injured when an IED exploded and took out his left leg leaving shrapnel in his body. He was given the last rites 3 times due to a tremendous loss of blood. He is now a single amputee and is a single dad with 4 children ages 9,8,6,4. Helping a Hero interviewed him for a home as he was living in an 800 sft home with 2 bedrooms, holes in the floor and very narrow doorways that his wheelchair couldn’t enter. We contacted Extreme Makeover and they agreed to do the home and we agreed to pay off his $84,000 mortgage. He will be a national spokesperson and really wants to encourage other wounded heroes that they can make it and they can overcome the struggles along the way…just keep pressing on! Show your support today Be safe, Guardian Self Defense
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