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Here Are Some Of The Best Self Defense Products For Women

We have been in the business of supplying personal security and personal safety products for men and women for over a decade. One of the most frequently asked questions of us is 'what are the best self defense products for women?' There is no simple answer because there are several products that are very popular. In today's world men and women are assaulted more frequently than ever before and women are assaulted nine times more often than men so women need self-defense products more frequently than men do. That is one reason why so many self-defense product manufacturers make products that are geared towards the female market-items that are smaller, come in pink and are easy to carry.
best self-defense products for women
One of the best self-defense products for women is the line of Mace brand defensive sprays. Pepper sprays have been around in one way or another since ancient Chinese warriors threw bags of hot spices at their enemies. Only since the 1980s, have modern days pepper sprays been in vogue. Mace brand has been a leader in providing the best self-defense products for women for over three decades. They have set the standards for: Quality-by testing each product before it's packaged to ensure reliability, Dependability-after three decades of research and constant improvement and Innovation-the first to use a flip top safety cap, the first to use pepper gel and the first to use a finger grip to assist in aiming. Each Mace brand pepper spray has an expiration date stamped on the bottom of the canister to ensure that the product is functioning. They were the only manufacturer that made products specifically for states that have restrictions on pepper sprays. Mace brand pepper sprays are just one of the many best self-defense products for women that we carry in our online store.
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