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Hidden Camera Used To Catch Elder Abuse

A family is relieved after the woman who abused a grandmother at an Arlington nursing pleaded guilty and awaits sentencing. Mynez Carter, 84, was shown being roughed up in hidden camera video that aired in a FOX4 report last August. Maria Acosta, 44, the worker at the nursing home, pleaded guilty to her role in the case and will soon be sentenced. Monday was the first time Carter's family faced Acosta in court and they will have the opportunity to give a victim's impact statement after Acosta is sentenced. "I want her to know how she has traumatized my family," said Ruth Carter, the daughter of Mynez Carter. Mynez passed away in Dec. 2012 after she was moved to another facility. A state investigation into how Mynez Carter was treated by workers at Heritage Oaks resulted in a $137,000 fine for the facility. The nursing home paid $90,000 to settle. Acosta faces probation up to ten years in prison and is free on bond until she is sentenced, which could happen within the next six weeks
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