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Hidden Watch Camera

Hidden camera technology is absolutely amazing. Consumers can now afford to buy surveillance equipment. Even better, the quality, reliability and picture resolution is very good even on the "economy models". Today, you can purchase a hidden camera in almost anything. Less than a year ago most spy surveillance cameras were just that...cameras. Not any more, now you can purchase an all inclusive hidden camera unit! Yes, all inclusive, meaning not only to you have the high resolution hidden camera; in addition you can now capture and record audio, and the video is stored on a built in DVR. True surveillance just got so much easier. To provide an example of the all inclusive hidden camera technology, take a look at this watch camera. Watch Hidden Camera Yep, this looks like a real, full functioning wrist watch. That's because it is, but this watch also includes a state of the art surveillance system built right inside of it. It is wireless and contains a color camera (The camera lens is actually under the number 2), microphone, power source, and 4 GB digital video recorder (DVR). The techology is simply amazing. There is no installation or anything to setup. Just take a minute to read the instruction manual and your ready to catch someone in the act! When you are ready to watch the video or recharge the lithium battery just plug the watch directly into your computer's USB port. That's it, nothing else to purchase or configure. You will need a standard video viewer such as Windows Media Player. This hidden camera watch is compatible with all current Windows operating systems as well as Linux. The video is recorded in a AVI format, so simply "double click" the file and get ready to watch. Do you suspect a cheating spouse? Maybe you would like to keep tabs on a baby sitter. You may even be a security or loss prevention professional who needs to catch a thief in the act. It all just got alot easier. Whether you wear it on your wrist and record or stash it somewhere. You'll soon have the audio and video evidence you need. Again, this surveillance system is not technical, in fact it is extremely easy to use. Most people can't believe the price. When I ask someone how much they would expect to pay typically the price is at least double the actual. Check us out for all your complete hidden camera needs
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