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Home Invasion Murder Tragic

The day started just like most other weekday mornings with mom and daughter getting ready for work and school respectively. That is where the similarities ended for Allie and Ariana Engler. Shortly before 6:00 am on September 24th tragedy struck in the form of a violent home invasion. Allie Engler was killed in the attack and her 9 year old daughter shot several times and left for dead. Young Ariana who was shot at least six times somehow was able to call 911 for help. Rushed to the hospital Ariana unlike her mother survived the deadly attack. The attacker a troubled 20 year man with a long list of prior criminal offenses. The motive in this senseless home invasion appears to be a large flat screen television. So many questions, so much frustration and not enough answers. The killings and violent crimes have got to stop. In Baton Rouge, where the Engler's called home, it is not uncommon to see multiple murders each week. Still personal safety and home security is not a priority for most of us. We get up; go to work or school, do our daily routines and then we go to bed. It is only after a tragedy like this that people take notice but usually loose interest with time. If there could possibly be any type of a 'silver lining' it has to be the opportunity for all of us to learn and grow from this. Maybe, just maybe this tragic home invasion murder could induce the motivation and commitment in our community that is needed to prevent this crime from repeating itself. We have to start looking out for one another and being aware of the environments we live and work in. Where are we most vulnerable to crime? Is our home armed a security alarm? Do we carry self defense pepper spray or a personal alarm? Is a residential surveillance system an option for your home? Is your neighborhood active in a Neighborhood Watch type program? Do you partner with local law enforcement agencies? My heart goes out to Allie and Ariana Engler. I pray for young Ariana each day and hope she will eventually find peace, happiness and love. Unfortunately tomorrow isn't guaranteed. My hope is that some of you will find this personally motivating and take action. Analyze the questions about and take action.
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