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I didn't realize it but research shows that less than half of us will make a new years resolution. Of those of us who do, over 88 percent will quit or give up within the first 30 days. Hopefully you are in the half that at least start the new year off with a tangible resolution. After all how can anyone expect to be successful without setting some goals and objectives. Isn't that exactly what a new years resolution is? I review the year that has just passed and simply try to remember what went well and what went not so well. Then I try to resolve to accomplish two things in the new year that will make a positive impact on my life. Easy right? Well not so fast. This is where most resolutions go wrong. Intentions are great but without a road map to get there you will likely fail. Here is an example of what I mean. This year I want to improve the overall security of the home I live in. Now in order to accomplish this I need to determine what specific improvements I need to make. Next I will need to map out the time needed to allocate for each task, the products needed, and the associated cost. First I will contact our local police department for assistance completing a home security audit. Most police agencies are happy to provide this free service. They will look at the exterior and interior of your home for vulnerabilities and then recommend improvements. Depending on what the home security audit reveals, then that is where I will focus my time. In addition, I want to install a small residential surveillance system. So I will need to purchase the system and allow adequate time for installation and testing. So you see, it's easy to understand why most resolutions fall short because of lack of preparation and follow through. It's great to resolve to make positive change, it's another to make it happen. I hope that you will be one of the few that make it happen. Happy New Year! Home security

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