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Safety and Security During Holiday Travel

Stay safe this holiday season. If planning a "road trip" over the holidays, have your vehicle serviced and checked out sufficiently far ahead to allow for repairs if needed. Don’t forget to have the mechanic check your spare tire and all fluid levels along with the other preventive maintenance procedures. Breakdown Kits are a great idea. Consider keeping spare fuses and a "breakdown kit" in your vehicle at all times. Breakdown kits may be purchased from a variety of sources, or you can assemble your own at any auto parts or hardware store using a commercial version as a guideline. Minimally, a "breakdown kit" should include:
  • a thermal blanket/bag and a gallon of water
  • a "HELP" sign/flag and flares/reflectors
  • a flashlight (check batteries semi-annually)
  • duct tape
Also consider carrying:
  • a set of jumper cables, a tire gauge, and work gloves
  • a few hand tools (pliers, screwdrivers, Allen wrenches)
  • some rope and at least one bungee cord
  • towels and a roll of toilet paper (in a plastic bag)
  • a small 12-volt tire-inflator
  • an empty (new, never used) one-gallon gas can
  • change for a payphone and a pair of comfortable shoes
  • a cheap/disposable rain coat/suit/poncho
Carry jumper cables. All these items can fit in a small or medium size gym/duffle bag or a box and kept in your vehicle's trunk, back-seat floorboard, or other storage area in the vehicle. Keep it updated, but never remove it from your vehicle. In addition to your basic "breakdown kit" you should also have a basic first aid kit in your vehicle at all times. Carry a First Aid Kit and a Fire Extinguisher.Also consider purchasing and mounting a small ABC-rated portable fire extinguisher in your vehicle. Buy one with a "mount" designed for use in vehicles. Portable fire extinguishers should be securely "mounted" in the vehicle to prevent rolling and damage. The extinguisher should be visible and easy to reach. Mount the bracket on a strong, stable surface. It can be mounted in any sloping, vertical or horizontal position. Know how to access your spare tire and jack. Vehicle owners should also consider obtaining towing insurance, either as a rider on their automobile insurance policy (such riders are usually very inexpensive for excellent coverage) or by joining an automobile club or other provider. Be prepared! Resource provided by
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