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Hot Pepper Spray By Wildfire

One of the top pepper spray products on the market today is Wildfire pepper spray. Wildfire has not been around as long as some of the top brands like Fox Labs, SABRE and Mace but is quickly making a name for itself. The word on the street is "Wildfire is HOT pepper spray". Wildfire is a 3 million scoville heat unit formula. It is made and extensively tested in the United States. The Wildfire formula has a 36 month shelf life and is available in multiple sizes and spray patterns. The feedback from professionals like law enforcement officers, prison guards, bouncers, and bounty hunters has been overwhelmingly positive. So why is Wildfire brand pepper spray quickly gaining a professional following? Quality, price and selection are reasons. The quality of Wildfire is unsurpassed. You won't find another pepper spray product that is made using better ingredients. Price, price and price. Wildfire pepper spray products are affordable and in some cases about half the cost of other top brands. The selection is excellent, with Wildfire sporting 8 different models that range from a 1/2 ounce keychain to a 1 pound crowd control unit. Did we mention the the resources dedicated to research, development and product testing? In independent U.S. testing, Wildfire consistently exceeded the competition in hotness or scoville heat units. Join the growing Wildfire family today!
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