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Multi-Purpose Pepper Spray Kit Offers Complete Pepper Spray Protection

. When we moved to a new neighborhood, things started to change. My husband was fired from his job and we had to move to the poorer part of the town. To protect my family from the dangerous elements here, I bought a pepper spray kit, the Pepper Shot Pepper Spray Defense Pack. This pepper spray kit was perfect for us. It was a smart buy since we got three sprays for the amount of a single package. The 1/2 oz keychain pepper spray with quick key release is suited to my son who is having difficulty getting along with the neighborhood boys. He is a delivery man so he can use a keychain model well. He just pushes the center of the quick key release area to deploy the defense spray, making sure to pull the spray and keys apart. In our home, we have the 2 oz pepper spray stream pattern included in the pepper spray kit to give us thorough protection. We used the wall mount to place it near the door to be used in times of emergency. The 1/2 oz visor unit is stored in the family car. Also coming from the pepper spray kit, it ensures our security whenever we are on the road. By sliding it atop the car’s visor, it was a breeze to install in our vehicle. All of these defense sprays from the Pepper Shot Pepper Spray Defense Pack are rated with 2 million scoville heat units. These are all premium pepper sprays with a 10% OC concentration. In case someone assaults us, these sprays can cause temporary blindness, difficulty in breathing and the aggravation of mucous membranes. None of these results are permanent. My anxieties about our protection have subsided since we started using these pepper sprays to be safeguarded. I figured that we can live undisturbed if we also do not disturb other people.
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