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Hot Shot Personal Defence Products

One of our most popular personal defence products is back! The Hot Shot Personal Defence Product Pack is three essential defence products that have you covered. The Hot Shot 4.5 million volt stun gun by Stun Master is a powerful and dependable mini stun gun. The Hot Shot comes with a lifetime replacement warranty; yeah that's right if it breaks we replace it for life. The Hot Shot is a stun gun in disguise so you can take it almost anywhere. At only about 4 inches long you can easily conceal it without much of a problem. It is powered by 3 three-volt long life lithium batteries, which are included. Replacement batteries are easy to find in all your favorite retail stores. The Hot Shot is a very real 4.5 million volt mini stun gun that will help keep you safe from both human and animal attackers. A 2 ounce pepper spray fogger is THE essential self defence product. Enough pepper spray to defend against multiple attackers, yet small enough to comfortably carry in your hand. The fog spray pattern is important and recommended by most law enforcement professionals because there is no need to aim or be accurate. The cone shape fog will take out anything in about a 10 foot diameter and the effective distance is 8-10 feet. This Pepper Shot brand duty size spray is a premium pepper spray that is made and tested here in the USA. The Electric Pocket Whistle has one use and that is to make noise. It will make lots of noise and get plenty of attention with the 120 decibel loud electric whistle. It is small and offers one button operation. Useful in sporting events, a locator in emergencies (earthquakes, collapsed buildings), referee whistle, traffic whistle for police, military training, dog handling and as a personal alarm for crime prevention. It uses 4 LR44 batteries which are included. Whether you are looking for personal protection or concerned about the safety of a loved one you won't find a better essential self defense product pack for the money. Give a unique and caring gift, give them the Hot Shot Personal Defence Pack.
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