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Importance of Summer Self Defense

Summer time is right around the corner. Schools are nearing summer break and many are looking forward to travel and a little rest and relaxation. It's my favorite time of the year, but I was surprised to learn that with summer comes an increase in crime. Crime rates during June, July and August increase an average of ten percent according to FBI statistics. Violent crimes such as murder are even higher. This is why self defense and personal security become even more important during the summer months. So why do crime rates increase during the summer months and what steps can we take to minimize our chances of being victimized? Many feel like the heat plays a significant role in the increased crime. Extreme summer heat can cause agitation and anger, leading to crime. Our youth have much more freedom and less structure, which can lead to trouble. Travel and tourist activity increases; tourists are often the target of crime and more homes are left empty leading to burglary and theft. Crime and self defense should be of the utmost importance during the summer months. Products such as self defense pepper spray, personal alarms, and home security can go a long way toward adopting a proactive approach to crime prevention. Visit Guardian Self Defense for all your personal security needs.
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