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SABRE Aerosol Pepper Spray With Crossfire Technology

Introducing our line of SABRE pepper spray with Crossfire technology. SABRE defense spray is as good as it gets, and Crossfire is a level III law enforcement grade pepper spray made using the SABRE Red formula. Crossfire technology enables the user to effectively defend himself and fire the unit from any angle or position, even upside down! SABRE aerosol pepper spray with Crossfire technology has some very impressive specifications, that made adding this product line a 'no brainer'. Available in a 1.8 oz MK-3 or a 3.0 oz MK-4. The warranty or shelf life is 5 years. The firing device is a fliptop to prevent accidents while making it easy to use. The propellant used is nitrogen which is the best of the best. Nitrogen produces consistent and safe deployment and it does not evaporate or leak. The capsaicinoid concentration is 1.33% and equal to 2 million scoville heat units. The spray pattern is ballistic stream with an effective range of 15 feet. The ballistic stream deploys in a straight line with force and all but eliminates "blowback". For more information on our line of SABRE pepper spray visit us at
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