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Instructional Fighting Videos For Self Defense

Instructional Fights Video How much thought have you given to your safety lately? How about the security of your loved ones? Most of us take things such as this for granted, until got forbid, it happens to you, someone you know, or very close to home. When I say "it happens" I am referring to crime. Could be a robbery, a home invasion, an assault, domestic violence, or even a homicide. One of my jobs is to keep you from taking your safety for granted. The other part of my job is to provide you with a ways to protect yourself and your family. Awareness in the form of blogs, emails, newsletters, and up to date content on our website are some of the ways we try to raise your awareness. Within the Baton Rouge area we do safety training, work with non profits, neighborhood watch, and consult our residents on common sense safety. We offer a very wide spectrum of non lethal self defense products. Each has its place and all are extremely effective when used correctly. One of the most popular trends in self defense is in the form of instructional fighting videos for self defense. You may ask yourself why? There are several different reasons; what happens if I don't have pepper spray or a stun gun with me and something happens? The popularity of the UFC and other mixed martial arts training has also made instructional fighting very popular. Young males and females are trying it and liking the results. Many of us feel intimidated or very uncomfortable trying to learn something like karate or boxing in a large group environment. These instructional videos are similar to taking a one on one class, just you and your instructor, but at a faction of the cost. For less than $100 you can purchase high quality fighting DVDs on virtually every self defense fighting style. The instructors are to best in the business and in most cases train elite groups such as the Navy Seals, CIA, FBI, and SWAT. These videos, for the most part, are easy to learn. Now don't get me wrong, you can't just turn it on, go through the motions and expect to be successful. Nothing works that way. The training is hard and intense, so you need to be self motivated and someone who will not quit or give up. If you have that type of attitude you will be successful at self defense training and in life! You name it, want to learn how to defend yourself in today's mean streets? do you want to learn cage fighting techniques? how about mixed martial arts? We offer a large selection of instructional fighting DVDs that can dramatically change the way you feel about yourself. Your self confidence and esteem will rise to an all time high. Physically you will feel better because of the exercise and training you are taught. Most importantly, if you find yourself in a situation where you need to defend yourself or someone else in trouble you'll be able to do that. Now that is a great feeling. I don't advocate fighting and I hate bullies and punks who go looking for trouble. I think you should always try to avoid trouble. I always try to be polite and nice. That is until it's time to no longer be nice. When I've retired all peaceful options, then its time for self defense. It's you or them so you need to know how to fight and win just in case.
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