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Telescopic Stun Batons - Non Lethal Self Defense From A Safe Distance

Telescopic or extendable stun batons have quickly become some of our top selling stun guns. The extended reach help keep you at a safe distance should trouble arise. Not surprising, considering that most stun guns are less than five inches in length and that you must touch an attacker or animal to gain the desired effect. The telescopic stun batons are about 12 inches in length when closed, then simply pull the trigger and it expands to nearly 22 inches length. That's almost two feet of distance between you and them, which is a nice advantage to have. Telescopic Stun Baton More and more individuals are purchasing our batons for protection against aggressive dogs. Folks just want to be able to walk down their street with the kids. Often times they are confronted or even attacked by dogs. This is usually when they call or order a baton or spray from us. Just the "crackling" sound they produce as the electric current flows in normally enough to deter. Sometimes this isn't enough and the dog decides to come closer or attack. As they move within range you reach out and touch the approaching animal with 700k to 800k of electricity. Within a fraction of a second the animal tucks the tail, yelps and quickly runs the opposite direction. The amusing thing is the next time you walk by; that once very aggressive canine, will sit and watch you from a distance. They usually don't even bark at you anymore! Stun batons are also effective non lethal self defense weapons. Simply, touch a would be attacker with the stun baton for about two seconds to get the desired effect. Typically, the assailant will loose there balance, become disoriented and loss of muscle control is normal. A person receiving two plus seconds of shock are sure to drop to the ground. Effects last 10-15 minutes, plenty of time to get to safety. Many of our customers rave about the telescopic stun guns. I've had customer claim effective use on mountain lions, cougars, snakes, and cattle; though we do not recommend this type of use. You can find battery powered units or rechargeable units. The rechargeable units are becoming more popular because you never need to replace the batteries, so you save more money over the life of the baton. By the way most good stun batons carry a lifetime warranty. So if it ever breaks you send it back and get a new one! The technology used is very simple yet effective and reliable, therefore it is uncommon to encounter a defective unit unless it has been dropped or used to "strike" something. You can expect to receive a holster or carrying case with a telescopic stun baton purchase. Some models are equipped with personal alarms that sound off at up to 130 decibels. It is also common to find LED flashlights built into these devices. In fact, Stun Master makes a 3 in 1 unit that includes a personal alarm, flashlight, and 800,000 volt expanding stun baton. All units are equipped with some type of safety switch to prevent accidental discharge. The weight on a typical unit is less than two pounds. They are very easy to use. Simply pull the "trigger" and watch the baton "expand" and simultaneously begin firing. It is a good idea to test fire at least once per week to make sure they have a good charge and are functioning properly. To get the baton back into it's compact position just push on the end or tip of the baton until it is back in the original position. Two of the best brands include Stun Master and Streetwise, both have been producing quality stun devices for over twenty years and together account for over 85% of the market share. You can expect to pay between $55 and $65 depending on model. Some companies will try to overcharge with many asking over $90 per unit. Visit us at Guardian Self Defense for all your telescopic stun baton needs.
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