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Internet Tracking Software Allows Parents To Monitor Childs Web Activity

At Guardian Self Defense, we are dedicated to increasing the awareness and education related to all aspects of child safety. Occasionally, there is a product or products that we investigate and feel has the potential to make a difference as it relates to child safety. Currently, one of the most prevalent dangers to our children is the internet. Children have the ability to communicate with friends and explore the world through so many mediums. At the same time, the internet presents extreme danger to our young people in the form of complete strangers, many of who prey on our youth. Computer Tracking Software INTELLISPY computer tracking software is a breakthrough in technology that gives parents and guardians the ability to see and track everything that your child does online. Now I can hear some of you now saying, "Isn't this crossing the line? Are we invading our childrens' privacy." As a father I understand your thinking, but let me show you why you can't afford NOT to keep close tabs on your children and their internet habits. Do you realize how many children go missing in the U.S. each year? Over 800,000 children are reported missing each and every year, more than 2,000 per day. In addition, 1 in 5 girls and 1 in 10 boys will be sexually victimized before they tun 18. It is important for parents and guardians to be aware and alert. With this computer tracking software you can do just that. Some of the excellent benefits of running this internet tracking software is:
  • This is key logging software, meaning you get to see everything typed onto the keyboard; including but not limited to emails, instant messages, social networking activity, chat, etc.
  • Screen shots are captured at one minute intervals, so you see snapshots of what your kids are seeing.
  • You can choose to block certain website access; if you feel a web site is inappropriate for your child you can easily disable it.
  • INTELLISPY software is completely stealth. If someone closes the program or shuts down the computer, it is programed to restart automatically. Basically, you are the only one who can turn it off.
This internet tracking software will increase your piece of mind as a parent or guardian, it is also likely to give you many opportunities to communicate with your children. Use this time to teach and coach them on what is right and wrong, normal and not normal and the very real dangers that the internet presents. The object is not to scare them, but rather to educate and guide.
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