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How safe are our kids on college and University campuses today? There is no doubt that the great majority of our higher education institutions are some of the safest places to be. The problem or concern is that typically a kids time on campus is only a few hours daily. They go to class, maybe go eat lunch and the rest of the day is spent off campus. When a student leaves for college it can be a very difficult and emotional time for both the parents and the kid. For eighteen years they've lived under their parents roof and care. Though most have planned for this day it can still be very hard for parents to "let go". The biggest fear for most parents relates to the overall safety of their kid. Dangers off campus are real and unfortunately there are criminals who target college apartments and communities. Fortunately there are self defense products that are affordable, dependable, and very effective; when used properly these products have the ability to deter or prevent crime. As a parent or guardian take the opportunity to communicate with your children about common sense safety and awareness. If you need a reference or talking points visit our safety tips page. Make sure your kid knows that you are there for them no matter what. Consider providing them with self defense and home security products that will help keep them safe and give you extra "piece of mind". Our College Safety Pack is the perfect gift for any college age student or young adult. College Safety Pack The College Safety Pack includes the Runt 950,000 volt rechargeable stun gun, the Pepper Shot Triple Pack Defense Sprays, Hot Walkers Exercise Weights with pepper spray defense, a Dual Function Door Brace, Home Safe Auto Dialer Security and Safety Alarm, and the 4 in 1 Auto Emergency Tool.
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