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Jogger Pepper Spray Is An Effective Self Defense Product

Jenny is an avid exercise enthusiast who enjoys jogging after work to relieve stress and clear her mind. Rain or shine she's out there doing her thing. This is a healthy habit that Jenny adopted nearly five years ago and until last week she'd never had a problem. It was just after dark and Jenny was making her way around the block. Out of nowhere a man appeared from behind the bushes and lunged toward her. Jenny was able to thwart the attack with her jogger pepper spray. As he came forward she sprayed the pepper spray stopping him instantly. She was able to run to a neighbor's home and phone police. Police caught the man only a short distance from the attack and arrested him. Not long ago, Jenny's mother suggested she carry some sort of personal security product. Jenny didn't see the need and initially thought of the suggestion as a burden. Reluctantly Jenny finally agreed, after all she lived in an upscale area that didn't have a crime problem, or so she thought. To appease her mother, she purchased two jogger pepper sprays online. Upon receipt she read the product manual and followed all the recommendations. The process only took about five minutes but really improved her confidence and peace of mind. She took the time to get comfortable with the safety device and the trigger. To practice she hung a target on a tree in the backyard. She would practice extending her hand, presenting the pepper spray and then actually spraying it from eye to eye in a sweeping motion. This simple practice session familiarized her with the pepper spray. By actually spraying it she knew the effective range, spray pattern, and how to aim it. This five-minute time commitment likely saved Jenny from serious injury and a lifetime of trauma. Self defense experts constantly talk about making sure your weapon is accessible. Jenny had the pepper spray attached to her hand with the included Velcro attachment. When needed it was there, all she had to do was remove the safety and fire. This little detail may have been the difference between a successful outcome and a dreadful one. Jogger pepper spray is an awesome and highly effective self-defense tool. It's small, convenient to carry, takes no special ability and can stop an attacker from a distance. For these reasons pepper spray is often referred to as the "great equalizer".
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