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Pepper Blaster II: Pepper Gun-Product Review

kimber pepper gun

There are several things about this product that makes it different from anything else in the marketplace today. Part of the reason it is so effective is it is the only pepper spray that is effective in windy conditions. Because the stream that shoots out is so strong it will even hold up in rain.

It has a four year shelf life and unlike other pepper sprays can even be kept in your car. It will fire either right-handed or left-handed from any angle. Yes, it is more expensive, but how much is your life worth. This is just so much more than a regular pepper spray.

All pepper sprays disable an assailant for up to 45 minutes by causing extreme pain, excessive tearing of the eye ducts, coughing and choking and making breathing near impossible. The Kimber pepper blaster II does that and much more.

Most pepper sprays have a rating of 2 million SHU’s or Scoville heat units. The Kimber pepper blaster II has 4 million SHU’s making it twice as hot.

The Pepper Blaster II was designed by Swiss engineers. It has a double-barreled dispersing method that shoots out oleoresin capsicum at 90 miles an hour.

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