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Why Go For A Stun Gun In Disguise

Soon after it was first introduced to the market as a self-defense gadget it didnt require much time for the stun gun to show its abilities. This gadget could immobilize a wrongdoer in order to allow you to secure yourself.

Disguised stun guns are one of the most popular. These were designed in order that you could have the advantage of surprise against an attacker. One of the reliable variants a pen stun gun is a very practical tool to utilize. Imagine: who would actually expect that a pen can be converted into a weapon which could disable an aggressor?

Masked or not stun guns are capable of dispensing a substantial level of electric shock to the receivers body. This is enough to immobilize him for several minutes giving you some time to try to escape.

The typical stun guns are easy to spot. When compared disguised stun guns will be hard to identify mainly because they resemble harmless objects. A pen stun gun will surely be a perfect defensive tool to keep within your pocket. Because it is a compact and small stun gun you could even store it in your hand.

A pen stun gun is merely a stun gun that appears exactly like a pen. If you would like yours to be more effective then go for one that can discharge millions of volts. Stun Master for instance makes high voltage rechargeable pen stun guns.

One more excellent inclusion would be a built-in LED flashlight which can be utilized throughout emergency cases. It would be even better if it came with a safety cap and also pin to prevent cases of electrical discharge.

A pen stun gun exactly like ordinary stun guns is merely capable of imposing temporary damages to the lawbreaker and is therefore a non-lethal tool. Typically the immobilization ought to last simply for about a couple of minutes.

Despite the fact that a disguised stun gun isnt lethal it would still be better to handle it with care to avoid yielding unnecessary results on the wrong person.

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