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Korean Couple Starves Infant While Playing Popular Video Game

The Associated Press reported that a A South Korean couple was convicted Friday in the death of their infant daughter. The report states that the infant died of starvation gradually over several months while the parents spent 10 to 12 hours per day playing an online video game raising a virtual child.

Unbelievably the husband only received 2 years in prison and wife a suspended sentence because she is currently pregnant. .

It is was reported that the couple left the premature infant alone for 10 to 12 hour stretches while they pretended to raise a virtual child online at a local internet cafe. Aledegedly the infant was only fed once each day and the formula was often spoiled. When the infant, who was only 5 pounds would cry she was beaten.

The sentence should have easily been life in prison for both, but instead only the husband gets 2 years? Something is seriously wrong here.

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