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Lipstick Stun Gun For Self Defense

If you are a woman reading this or a man with a mother, wife, sister or daughter I think your going to be intrigued by our newest self defense weapon. A lipstick stun gun, the Stun Master lipstick stun gun takes technology, practicality and women's personal security to a new level. Women are vulnerable to all sorts of violent and property crimes. Much more so than a man on average. In fact, when speaking of crimes such as rape, assault and robbery women are the typical victims and men are the usual offenders. As the father of a daughter I wish I could be with her always and everywhere. That is simply impossible, so instead I do my best to raise her right and provide the tools she may need to stay safe. In addition to pepper spray and some home security devices, I've just added the lipstick stun gun to her personal security arsenal. A stun gun that looks like a tube of lipstick! This little stun gun device is small in size but certainly not in power. At only 3 inches call and less than 1 inch in diameter you can take this stun gun anywhere. Easily concealed in even the smallest hands or in your pants pocket or purse. Because its a stun gun in disguise, you own the element of surprise. In a dating situation, a female can find herself alone with a guy who doesn't understand what "no" means. In the majority of cases a female is simply not strong enough to fend off a larger, stronger and determined male. A self defense weapon like the lipstick stun gun becomes the great equalizer. If things start going in a direction your not comfortable with; tell him you'd like to freshen up then go for your lipstick. Touch the lipstick stun gun to him and fire! lipstick stun gun
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