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Have you heard of lock bumping? If not, you need to; if so then what are you doing to prevent yourself from being victimized. Lock bumping was first discovered or developed by some locksmiths in Denmark. The procedure involves a technique for knocking or bumping on a lock cylinder while applying slight pressure to the back of the lock plug. When the pins jump inside the lock cylinder, the plug is able to slide out freely and disassemble the lock quickly. The use of lock bumping for criminal means began in Europe around 2002. Today lock bumping and the ease of this technique presents a real and serious home security issue. Below is very real information regarding lock bumping.
  • Fact, Lock bumping can open 90+% of American homes which use an old style cylinder lock which is vulnerable to lock bumping key.
  • Fact, Your home's door lock can even be bumped by a 10 year old child.
  • Fact, Anyone can make bump keys in 5 minutes or less.
  • Fact, When a lock bumping key is used to break into your house then there is no signs of forced entry or damage to the lock. This makes the insurance companies very weary in paying for the claim. You could loose everything and not get compensated because of a lock bumping key.
Lock bumping keys are readily available on the internet and quickly becoming a huge home security threat. These bump keys are easy to make and can be created very quickly. With a lock bumping key it will take only 1 minute or less for intruder to turn the lock and open the doors to your house or business. A few things you can do to deter this type of activity and increase your self defense and home security are: Invest home alarms and prominently display the security stickers and signs on windows and doors. Dogs are very good at deterring a would be lock bumper. This is because most dogs have great hearing and senses. The bark of a dog is usually enough to send them somewhere else. Display a surveillance camera or at least a "dummy camera" at your entry ways. These should be displayed in such a way that it would be impossible to not notice it. You will want to take steps to insure that you install at a height that prevents potential criminals from tampering with it. You can also invest in new high security deadbolts that resist lock bumping. Self defense should be a top priority for you and your loved ones. Please do a good thing and make others aware of this dangerous trend. I want you to think about this because chances are you have not heard much about it. A rapist now has the ability enter a home quickly and quietly with no sign of forced entry. Home invasions are made easy by lock bumping. This is a crime trend that is on the rise. You need to prepare your home for a potential break in. What if you don't take the necessary precautions and fall victim to a lock bumping crime. Do you have self defense products such as stun guns or OC pepper spray to provide the protection you'll need to? Guardian Self Defense is here to help. Please contact us for additional guidance or advice on any lock bumping or self defense questions.
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