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Mail Theft Tips

The National Sheriffs Association which is the group behind the neighborhood watch program puts out a variety of personal safety tips as well as home security tips including these mail theft tips. One of the most popular ways for thieves to steal your identity is through your mailbox. 1. Don't leave outgoing mail in an unlocked mailbox. 2. Take your mail to a blue collection box or your local post office and don't leave your mail in a collection box that is full. 3. Pick up your mail right away after it's delivered. 4. Get a locked mailbox or convert your unlocked box to the lockable type and make sure that the mail slot is big enough for the letter carrier to insert your mail. Your letter carrier cannot pick up mail from this type of box. 5. Have regular income checks deposited electronically into your bank account via direct deposit. 6. If you are expecting credit cards, checks or other valuable mail and don't get it, promptly contact the senders. 7. If you see suspicious activity on your street promptly call 911 and report it to police. 8. You might want to “opt out” of receiving pre-approved credit and insurance offers from the credit bureau mailing lists by calling 1-888-5OPTOUT (1-888-567-8688) or by visiting online at
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If you have a Security Surveillance System like the one shown here, you may want to aim one of the cameras towards your mailbox for added protection. By following these tips and using common sense, you can lessen your chances of being a victim of mail theft and possible identity theft. Getting your identity stolen is bad enough, trying to get the damage done to your credit is a nightmare. Guardian Self-Defense & Security Products LLC is one of the largest most trusted online distributors of non-lethal self-defense items and surveillance equipment in the US. We specialize in premium pepper spray, mace, personal alarms, stun batons and more. We are "The Self Defense Product Experts"!
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