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New Purse Snatching Technique

ABC did a story recently about the latest technique that criminals used to steal purses from women. The people who do it are called “sliders.” These criminals pull in next to a parked car that is driven by a woman at a gas station. They know that most women leave their purses or handbags on the front seat when they get out to fill up their gas tank. They also know that most women do not block their car doors while they’re gassing up.

The criminal “slides” out of his car and crab walks to the victim’s car opening the passenger side door, steals the purse and gets back into his car driving away without the woman knowing what happened.

For a better explanation watch the ABC VIDEO HERE.

Tips To Protect Against Sliders

If you want to protect yourself against this kind of crime don’t leave valuables inside your car even if you’re only a few feet away. Lock your car door whenever you are out of the car. And have a self-defense product handy so you can use it to fend off would be robbers.

This Pepper Shot Pepper Spray has an attachment that attaches to your car visor and contains 10 half-second bursts up to 8 feet.

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