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Male Title IX Campus Assault Backlash

For years now women have filed federal complaints which claim that campus sexual assault investigators lack training and failed to adequately investigate facts of that assault. They also maintain that these felony assailants get too much leniency in their punishment. Read the rest of the story HERE. Now men are claiming that the investigations are biased in favor of the accusers. There is little doubt in anybody's mind that the justice system on campus widely differs from the criminal justice system in existence for everyone else. Colleges that receive federal financial support are required to report sexual assaults on campus every year. Nearly 30% of all women in a four-year university will be assaulted in her time there. It is a well-documented fact that only 10 percent of all alleged campus assaults even get reported.
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Young women at any University need to learn how to defend themselves with a self-defense course and then arm themselves and learn how to use a self-defense product such as pepper spray or stun gun. A pepper spray such as this one Stop Strap Spray can disable an assailant for as long as 45 minutes, giving you time to get away and seek help. Guardian Self-Defense & Security Products LLC is one of the largest most trusted online distributors of non-lethal self-defense items and surveillance equipment in the US. We specialize in premium pepper spray, mace, personal alarms, stun batons and more. We are "The Self Defense Product Experts"!
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