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Man Caught Abusing Child On Hidden Camera

This is a true story about a man who was caught on hidden camera that looked just like an alarm clock radio, abusing a child. When the mother saw the video she was in her own words 'shocked.' You can read the whole story HERE. Of course nanny cameras are meant to do things just like that catch people abusing children. Fortunately, that doesn't happen very often, but there so many other uses for hidden cameras. Our DVR Nanny Cameras can be used for wide variety of uses from home security to catching an unfaithful spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend, even catching employees stealing in a business. Hidden cameras also have been used to document sexual harassment in the workplace. Our DVR hidden cameras use an 8 GB SD card to record images. To play them back you can use the USB cable or insert the SD card into your computer. It's that easy.
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