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Most College Campus Assaults Go Unreported

This is a story about how representative Pat Meehan is coming to Radnor college to talk about college campus assault reporting. There is a bill before Congress that will protect whistle blowers and encourage people to come forward. Currently one out of every four women on a college campus can expect to be assaulted while in college. An alarming number of assaults go unreported for a variety of reasons, mostly based on fear and reprisal. You can read the whole story HERE. Assaults on college campuses have become so commonplace anymore they are finally starting to get get some attention. If women would just carry some self defense products they could defend themselves against the vast majority of assaults. One of the best products that women can use is the Hot Shot Stun Gun as seen above. It is one of the most powerful stun devices at 4.5 million volts in one of the smallest packages for stun gun there is-it is only 3 inches tall.
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