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Man Pepper Sprayed By Police - Should You Have One?

This is an interesting story about how police were called to a local area because a man was suspected of being intoxicated and was completely out-of-control. When police got there the man started assaulting one of the officers, which caused officers to react by pepper spraying the man to get him under control. You can read the whole story HERE. It is another example of how effective pepper sprays are. Have you ever wondered why all police officers carry pepper spray? Did you know that all mail carriers with the USPS carry pepper spray as a defense against dog attacks? HMMMMM!! Maybe you should have one too. Our Sabre Pepper Sprays are some of the most effective pepper sprays in the world. They have an exclusive "stop strap" which prevents the spray from being used against you should it be taken away in a confrontation. Please check out our wide variety of great pepper spray Personal Defense Products. One of them could be exactly what you're looking for
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