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Mini Stun Gun Can Keep You Safe

Larry has worked the grave yard shift for over a decade. He's a nurse and the eleven to seven shift is what he loves. Though the night shift has it's advantages, it also tends to be very dangerous at times. It's not uncommon for Larry to come in contact with individuals who are intoxicated or even under the influence of drugs. The danger resides both in-side and outside of the hospital. A few nights ago during a break, he decided to go get a magazine from his vehicle. As he neared the car a stranger approached and asked Larry for a few dollars. Larry politely explained that he didn't have any cash. The stranger would not accept no and was becoming aggressive and belligerent. Larry knew this was a bad situation, so he turned around and quickly started walking back toward the hospital. Just then the stranger attacked, trying desperately to get his wallet from the pants pocket. For years, Larry had been carrying a mini stun gun in a holster on his belt. He'd never really expected to have to use it in self defense. Tonight was a real threat and he needed to defuse this situation quickly and get to safety. The attacker was bigger and stronger; he was winning the intense struggle for the wallet. That's when Larry grabbed his mini stun gun and began shocking this guy on the side of his neck. His scream sounded like a wounded pig and soon became a cry for help. The 2 to 3 second shock left this guy disoriented, confused, and weak. Larry was able to run back inside the hospital and notify security. The attacker was detained until police arrived. The mini stun gun may have saved Larry for serious bodily injury. Today, he's a huge proponent of non-lethal weapons, especially the stun gun. Today's stun guns are small, easy to conceal, powerful and dependable. Anyone can discreetly carry a mini stun gun either in their hands, on the belt or in the purse. For more information on the Runt Mini Stun Gun visit us at
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