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Kubotan Makes A Great Self Defense Weapon

A Kubaton is an effective self-defense weapon used by law enforcement, those with martial arts backgrounds and even everyday consumers. The kubotan is small, lightweight and easy to handle. Only about 6 inches in length by less than one inch in diameter, this self-defense weapon can be easily concealed. Made of aluminum or hard plastic they are virtually indestructible. Today's kubotans are made with a durable keychain attachment, which is great because it increases the likelihood that you will have this weapon with you if needed. Using one is actually very easy and does not take any special skill set. Here are a few examples of simple, yet effective self-defense techniques anyone can do: The Eye Gouge The most vulnerable area on an attacker is probably the eyes. Because of its size, the kubaton is an effective weapon for striking the eyes. Hold it in your hand with the flat end up; quickly and forcefully strike to one of the attackers eyes. The Groin Strike A strike to the groin can take the fight out of an attacker. The male groin area is very sensitive, which makes it a great area to attack in self-defense. While holding the keys swing the kubotan up between the legs in a strong motion. Nose Strike A forceful strike to the nose can disorient an attacker causing pain and vision problems. Hold the kubotan like an ice pick in your hand. Use a clubbing motion and aim for the bridge of the nose. As a general rule it is best to focus on the bony parts of the body first, as these provide the most pain. If you are in a situation where only the fleshier parts of the body are accessible then strike away at that area. In an emergency situation we often don't have the luxury of aiming at a certain area of the body. The most important thing you can do is to attack. There is no right or wrong way to strike; the goal is to inflict enough damage to get yourself out of harm's way. With no specialized training anyone can execute the above strikes. The kuboton is best used as a keychain weapon. It is easy to grab the keys and swing the kubotan or grab the kubotan and swing the keys. Either way the strike is effective and painful. Kubotan images
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