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Naperville Police Warn Residents About Burglaries

Residential burglaries are plaguing Naperville with 12 occurring in less than two weeks, according to police. In half of those cases between Aug. 29 and Sept. 10, the burglars entered unlocked homes at night while the owners were sleeping, police said. In nearly all of the daytime cases, doors and windows were forced open. "We're thinking that there's probably a couple different crews out there, and in one group either a suspect or suspects are doing nighttime looking for open doors and another group or person is doing daytime kicking in doors," Sgt. Lou Cammiso said. The rest of the story is HERE. In the nighttime burglaries, the burglars seem to be sticking to the ground floor and swiping items that are easily accessible like laptops, wallets and other items people have left out. In the daytime when no one is around, they are going to other parts of the homes and have grabbed as much as $30,000 in jewelry from one residence, according to Cammiso. Residential burglaries numbers spiked in August with 17, up from seven in July and nine in June, Cammiso said. There have been eight this month. Many of the most recent burglaries have occurred on the south side of town. The Police Department is deploying detectives to the south side to do surveillance work, and police also are asking residents to lock their doors and report any suspicious activity. "We all believe it's going to be a tip from the public about a suspicious person or vehicle that solves the case," Cammiso said. "It's a lot of ground for a handful of detectives to cover."
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