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New PepperBlaster II - Kimber Pepper Spray

If your looking for an ultra effective self defense product with all the bells and whistles then the PepperBlaster II pepper spray shooter is the product for you. The original PepperBlaster set the bar extremely high, producing thousands of satisfied customers. New and improved, the PepperBlaster II features open sights that make aiming and accuracy a snap and the re-designed ergonomic grip fits your hand like a glove. PepperBlaster II The name Kimber has represented superior quality guns for decades, so it was a 'no brainer' when Kimber entered the less lethal industry with the PepperBlaster. They have taken potency to a new level with a 4,000,000 scoville heat unit pepper spray formula. It's 10% OC and approximately 2.4% capsaicinoids. PepperBlaster II uses a revolutionary jet propulsion system to shoot pepper balls at over 90 mph at a range of up to 13 feet. One drawback of using traditional pepper spray is the potential for "blowback" when spraying into a stiff wind. At 90 mph, the PepperBlaster II all but eliminates "blowback". PepperBlaster II is small, lightweight and compact. It is convenient to take almost anywhere and with the optional carrying case you cannot go wrong. At less than five inches tall and a mere 4.2 ounces this mini self defense weapon could save your life. Many of us live in extreme climates where summer and winter can be equally brutal. Some traditional pepper spray products cannot stand up to extreme temperatures but the PepperBlaster II can 5°F (-20°C) to +176°F (+80°C). This product is water resistant and drop tested at 5 feet. The warranty is three full years. This is a superior self defense product that everyone should own.
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