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Emergency Stun Gun with Personal Alarm and Flashlight

The popularity and consumer interest in stun guns is at an all time high. Much of the reason is directly tied to technological improvements, the quality and effectiveness has never been better and the price points never lower. One of the most impressive and practical stun gun units includes a powerful 200,000 volt stun gun, built in 130 decibel personal alarm and bright LED flashlight. These multi-purpose stun guns are 18.5 inches long offering valuable distance between you and them. Stun guns are less lethal self defense options. In my opinion, you would be crazy to use a handgun outside of your home. Doing so would leave your freedom up to a jury panel. A much wiser option is a stun gun, pepper spray or taser. For self defense outside of your home, less lethal options like the stun gun make alot of sense. Many of us enjoy a leisurely walk or bike ride after a long day at work, but are you prepared for a dog attack or even an assault? By carrying a product like the stun flashlight described above you will be prepared to take care of yourself if needed. The stun gun is so effective against aggressive dogs that many humane society workers are required to carry one. Our local meter readers carry stun guns to protect themselves from dog bites. Personal security against human attackers are the reason most choose a stun gun or like product. A two to three second jolt from the stun flashlight will make them see stars. It takes the will right out of an attacker. The stun gun shock is painful, but what it is really doing is tricking the muscles into working very hard and inefficiently. This rapid work cycle happens very quickly and causes the body to deplete its blood sugar reserves as it converts it to lactic acid. The end result is temporary loss in ability to move much less fight. Symptoms include disorientation, loss of balance, confusion, and a passive subdued condition. stun flashlight
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