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New Personal Alarms Make Great Self Defense Products

Mini Personal AlarmAt Guardian Self Defense we are always in search of new self defense products. Next week we officially add to new personal alarms to our already huge selection. First, we are introducing a personal alarm with clip (attach to your belt, purse, backpack, etc). This is a sleek mini alarm that sports a 101 decibel alarm. It is very small and extremely easy to use. Activate and deactivate the alarm with the click of one perfectly positioned button. The batteries (AG13) are included and refills are available. Travel Alarm with Motion Sensor Next, do you or someone you know travel often? If so, this is a must have self defense product. This mini travel alarm comes equipped with a PIR motion sensor and is capable of detecting motion up to 9 feet away. This is a perfect distance for hotel rooms, apartments or condos. You can also activate the personal alarm by simply pulling the alarm cord at the top of the unit. It will emit a 100 decibel alarm for 15 seconds. You can easily put into automatic mode with the flip of a switch, it will then begin to sense motion after 60 seconds. Making this the perfect non lethal self defense product is the built in LED flashlight! It is small easy to conceal and travel with. Comes with the batteries (AG13) and refills are available. Both of these great new personal alarms will be in-stock and available for purchase on June 29th. These are great, and inexpensive alarms. Every family member should have these units. Buy one today!
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