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Self Defense Products and Safety While In Your Vehicle

Most of us spend much of our day in our vehicles traveling from "Point A" to "Point B". In most cases we are commuting to and from work. Others travel for a living and constantly find themselves on the road. We leave before the sun comes up and get back home after dark. I personally travel on average, close to 14 hours per week. Statistics show I'm on the lower end as many of you spend upwards of 20 hours per week inside your car or truck. That is nearly 1000 hours per year behind the wheel. When we spend that amount of time doing something, problems are bound to arise. Are you prepared should you come up against a flat tire or engine trouble? Worse yet, what if something happens in a "not so safe" part of town. Would you have the ability to protect yourself and family? Every vehicle should have a few key self defense products and safety items. The items I'm speaking about are inexpensive, but you can't put a price tag on these types of items. In today's society, it is becoming necessary to carry self defense weapons such as pepper spray or personal alarms. One item you should make sure you have in every vehicle you own is an automotive safety kit; we thave a very complete car safety kit put together and manufactured by the American Red Cross. This safety kit contains twelve essential items you need (or will wish you had) in any emergency. The automotive emergency tool is a multi-function glass break hammer, seat belt cutter and flashlight all in one! An easy-start battery charger will recharge your dead car battery using your cigarette lighter. No need to go under the hood! A reflective safety vest and triangle will ensure oncoming traffic can see you at night. In cold weather climates removing ice from the windshield can prove to be a tough task; the ice scraper tool makes life much easier. Some work gloves, a "help me" sign and automotive safety guide are all simple, but vital tools you need in any automotive emergency. Next, you'll need a good pepper spray for self defense while in your vehicle. Our Fox Labs pepper spray is an excellent choice. This is a debilitating spray that is used and trusted by law enforcement nationwide. In most states, carrying a gun in your vehicle is illegal without special permits. Ev en if it's legal; would you be willing to pull the trigger if necessary and then deal with the potential criminal and/or civil consequensces? Most people say no and opt for a non-lethal option; this is where pepper spray works so well. The effects are almost instant and last for over 30 minutes. Pepper spray is totally non-lethal with no long term effects. You can spray with confidence against an aggressive person or animal. It will give you plenty of time to get yourself to safety. Refuse to be a statistic, step up and take a proactive role in your safety and that of your families as well. Is there anything more important?
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