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Non Lethal Self Defense The Way To Go

Now more than ever I believe non lethal self defense is the way to go when considering how to protect your personal security. Let me give you a real world example that shows you why I feel this way. Just last week in Syracuse, NY a grand jury returned an indictment of second degree murder against a man attempting to defend himself and wife in a foiled mugging attempt. Upon returning home Jeffery Peterson and his wife were confronted by an an armed gun man. Peterson ended up in a physical struggle with the mugger in which he attempted to get the gun away from his attacker. The confortation ended when two gun shots killed the mugger. Now a good, honest and hard working man is facing a second degree murder charge for protecting himself and his wife from an attempted mugging. Investigators and the prosecution claim that Peterson crossed the self defense line when he shot the attacker a second time. Things can happen so fast, with little or no time to think about the potential consequences. In Mr. Peterson's case, I'm sure his adrenaline was pumping and he was forced into a situation where he was literally fighting for his life. Though, I feel Mr. Peterson did nothing wrong, when gunshots rang out he placed his life in the hands of a jury. Non lethal or less than lethal self defense products are effective almost immediately yet they cause no long term damage. Pepper spray sprayed into the attackers face could have defused this situation quickly. Technology advancements now you to choose non lethal products such as tasers, stun guns or pepper spray, instead of the potentially lethal hand gun. Peterson, now sits in a jail cell without the possiblity of bail while he waits for his day in court. The situation is tragic and my heart goes out to him. Anyone considering carrying a gun for self defense, think again. The stakes are just too high, choose a less than lethal option instead.
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