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Non-Lethal Self Defense Weapons Options

I am a proud handgun owner. Like millions across the U.S. I believe it is our fundamental right as citizens to bear arms. I wouldn't think twice about using my gun to defend my home. However, there are probably wiser self-defense options for nearly all other personal security situations outside of the home. Consider carrying an expandable steel baton. These weapons are made of solid steel and in the collapsed position are relatively easy to carry with you. Flipping the unit will cause it to expand and lock into position. An expandable baton allows you to defend yourself from a distant. It is pretty much unbreakable and can inflict some serious damage on an attacker or aggressive animal. Pepper spray or mace is an “oldie but goodie”! More people buy pepper spray or mace than all other non-lethal self-defense weapons combined. There are numerous reasons for this but a few that are universal. Pepper spray gives a user the ability to stop a threat from a safe distance. Pepper spray takes no special skill set. Pepper spray is the most affordable self-defense option available. A C2 Taser uses the exact same technology as the professional law enforcement model at less than a fourth of the cost. The C2 Taser comes with everything a user will need to master its use. When fired, the TASER C2 will deliver a 30 second energy burst. During this window of opportunity, the attacker will be incapacitated giving you the window of opportunity to escape to safety. There is a time and place for the handgun as it relates to self-defense and personal security. Unfortunately, if you use a gun outside of your home the consequences could be devastating. It makes much more sense to arm yourself with less-lethal options. Weapons like the Taser, steel baton and pepper spray offer users the ability to stop an attack without the use of lethal force. Visit us for more options related to non-lethal self defense weapons.
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