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Night Out Against Crime - A Community For Personal and Home Safety

Very proud of our local sheriffs department. Yesterday they hosted a very successful night out against crime. Why is this important? The key to successfully combating crime is to have community bye-in. To acheive community bye-in, law enforcement must earn the trust of the people they serve. Events like night out against crime allow residents to interact with first responders, get to know them and what they do. Cops can't combat crime alone, to be effective they need community support. Yesterday, residents gathered to meet the dedicated officers who took the oathe to protect and serve. The adults and kids alike got a chance to check out the inside of squad cars and trucks. The importance of having children finger printed and swabbed for DNA was discussed; while tips regarding home and personal safety were covered. One recommendation is to invest in a non-lethal self defense weapon like pepper spray. The benefits of neighborhood watch programs was discussed and contact information made available. When I was growing up we were taught to trust and respect police officers. Today from what I see, this is no longer the case. These types of community policing opportunities go a long way toward earning that "officer friendly" distinction I grew up with. I really believe that our local law enforcement realize that the community is their eyes and ears. By developing healthy relationships, police win and more importantly the community wins.
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