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Non-Lethal TASER Prevents Conflict

My youngest brother is a dedicated cop. He goes to work everyday and puts his life on the line. At the end of the day, he can usually say he truly made a difference or an impact. I think that is the motivation that keeps him going. Earlier this week he was called to a disturbance at a nightclub. He arrived and assessed the situation; turned out to be two very big guys fighting over a girl. One of the guys was the ex-boyfriend and the other was the current boyfriend. As it turned out the ex just would not calm down. As my brother and another officer were questioning this guy (oh by the way he's 6'4 and over 300 pounds) he decides to charge back into the club. Verbal requests to stop went unanswered. My brother had no choice but to fire his TASER. Both probes struck the man in the middle back and almost instantly he was immobilized. The man was handcuffed and taken to jail without further incident. Had the TASER not been available, the option my brother would have faced would have been to fire his handgun or go in the club and physically try to apprehend and remove this beast of a man. Firing the handgun is not and option and their certainly would have been injuries or maybe even worse had he made it back inside the club. The use of the TASER quickly defused a very volatile situation without any permanent damage or injury. It is stories like this that prove over and over the importance of non-lethal weapons such as the TASER and its role in both law enforcement and civilian personal defense. There are currently two civilian models available for purchase. The C2 TASER is by far the most popular model. It is available with or with out a laser sight feature. The standard comes in black, where the laster sight model is available in one of 6 colors. The C2 is a favorite among females because it is small, lightweight and powerful. It packs the same power and technology as the law enforcement model. The difference is the effective firing range, the C2 shoots up to 15 feet, the police TASER shoots a little farther with max range at 25 feet. The X26 is the newest civilian model. It looks, feels and fires just like the police model, the difference is again the effective firing range. If you doubt the TASER or just have some questions, please visit our TASER information page
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