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Our Prayers Were Answered

My wife and I are expecting our second child in May. We have a beautiful three year old girl and this time a boy is on the way. During the second trimester ultrasound the tech saw some things that are "soft markers" for Downs Syndrome. The Radiologist and my wifes' OBGYN confirmed the technicians findings. These were two so called "soft markers" which means that the baby may be at greater risk of having Downs. The first sign was cardiac focus or a small calcification around the left ventricle of the heart. The second sign was some fluid backup in the kidneys. The OBGYN basically said not to worry that he was confident that everything was fine, but just to be safe he wanted us to see a fetal medicine specialist. I am telling you this now, but as it was all playing out I had no idea that something may be wrong. I was totally out of the loop because my wife did not want to worry or upset me and decided not to tell me. So each time she went for a checkup or ultrasound I would hear that everything was perfect, nothing to worry about. Well about three weeks ago the phone rings and its this nurse calling to schedule my wife's appointment with a fetal medicine specialist. To make a long story short, I asked my wife to explain and she told me what was going on. To say I was mad is a severe understatement. But I was quickly consumed by worry and fear. It felt like an eternity as we waited for the appointment with the fetal doctor. The day of the appointment had finally arrived. We went to the office and went through another round of ultrasoundswith a better machine (so I'm told). Turns out he ends up seeing the same thing. He advises that he can not say that our baby does not have Downs, but that the markers are "soft" and nothing else "raised any eyebrows'. Of course I'm still mad, I worried, scared. You name it and I think I felt the emotion. My wife was upset as well but tried to remain composed. The choices we had were: do nothing and just wait to find out during birth or to have an Amniocentesis test done. The test would tell us if our baby was healthy or not. The dilemma we faced was that the test had some possible risks and complications. Nevertheless we decided to have the test done as neither of us could stand to go another 2 plus months without knowing. We are Christians and had already turned it over to God. With any pregnancy there are the chance that things may not turn out as you planned. My wife and I were very positive in our thinking and truly believed that God would deliver us a happy and healthy baby boy. However, we both knew that if his plans were different and our baby was diagnosed with Downs or another chromosomal disorder; he would still be our miracle from God. We would love him and raise him just the same. Of course the test results are not instant which adds to the worry and anxiety. We were told the results could take up to three weeks. It was agonizing, but we stayed positive and busy knowing the God would handle the rest. Thursday at 3:45pm I received the results by telephone and I am happy to say the tests results were normal. I was so happy and relieved; I was so glad to hear all was well as was my wife. Later that day I began to think about the people who go through this type of thing and end up with a "positive" test result. I can't begin to imagine the physical, mental, and emotional strain they are forced to endure. All the while life still moves on. They still have to go to work, still have to cook, and pay bills. Needless to say things really get put into perspective during times like these. What may have been my number one priority just a few months ago; now doesn't even make the list. For the health, safety and happiness of my children and family I give thanks everyday. For the families who have special needs children, kids with Downs or other chromosomal disorders, or kids who are sick with chronic or terminal illness I give my heart and prayers. For these are the true heroes. These individuals should be our role models, the ones we look up to and the ones we do what we can to give a helping hand. On behalf of my family and Guardian Self Defense we donate to the Kidd's Kids Foundation and to Children's Hospital of New Orleans. Hopefully, our small contributions can help make a difference in the lives of those who truly need it. My challenge to you is to take a moment to visit the websites of both charities and learn what they are all about. After you visit, if you feel as strongly as I do about the importance of their work, I am asking that you step up and contribute something. They take one time donations, monthly contributions, as well as volunteers to assist in their cause. Make a difference and see how good you will feel! Guardian Self Defense & Security Products LLC
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