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Mexican Drug Cartels Approaching 'Crisis Proportions'

Fact: Two of the deadliest Mexican drug cartels now have a combined combat force of over 100,000 soldiers according to the US Defense Department. These dangerous have wreaked havoc throughout Mexico for decades. The growth and power of the drug cartels now have them crossing into US border states and committing horrific crimes including kidnapping for ransom and murder! Reports claim over 7,000 people killings at the hands of the cartels last year — more than 1,000 in January alone. Murders often involve beheading or bodies dissolved in vats of acid. The shear numbers of the cartels now rival that of the Mexican army and have reached crisis proportion in Mexico. The threat to the US, especially border towns is increasing daily. The two most dangerous cartels are the Sinaloa cartel, nicknamed the "Federation" or "Golden Triangle" by law enforcement agencies, and "Los Zetas" (the Gulf Cartel). They have been growing and are reportedly discussing a truce or merger to better withstand government forces, The Times reported.Confiscated weapons These cartels are wealthy and able to invest large amounts of money in weapons and technology. As a result they are armed with only the best. Their arsenal includes semi-automatic rifles, rocket-propelled grenades, dynamite, assault rifles, bullet proof vests, and .50 caliber sniper rifles. The drug-related murder rate in Mexico doubled in 2008 from just one year before, and as the violence escalates, the power of the drug cartels has destabilized Mexican authority to the point of threatening national security. The Mexican army is the only force fighting the cartels. Police are largely corrupted by the cartel bribes. If the police don't except the bribes they are usually killed. The cartels now control whole territories in Mexico and they are looking to move west. There has been a rash of crime as a direct result of these cartels. Though most appear to be criminal on criminal killings, abductions and murders; numerous crimes have been committed against innocent US residents. This trend is expected to steadily increase as the cartels recruit and train more members. The Defense Department states that these criminal cartels have already established HUBS in the US in which they are currently operating. As there presence increase the violent crime where they reside is also likely to spike.
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