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Pepper Shot Pepper Spray Might Possibly Save Your Life

The following article was written by an actual customer! The spate of robbery cases in New Jersey has been a big concern for an ordinary employee like me. It was reported that a group of robbers was operating in the city and had been victimizing commuters especially at night. It is hard to know whom to trust these days. Thus, I prepared for any attack by purchasing a personal pepper spray. I learned from reading online that a pepper spray can give me non-lethal defense against bullies and robbers. I am an ordinary guy who can be mauled anytime by bad guys but as long as I have a pepper spray with me, I can feel more secure because I can make a goon choke, blinded or knocked out using the pepper spray. I browsed through different Pepper Shot pepper sprays online before eventually settling for a couple of products. The 2 oz. Pepper Shot pepper spray and the 4 oz. Pepper Shot pepper spray were my choice for personal pepper spray devices. The two shared the same features but I keep the bigger spray in my house while I regularly bring the smaller spray. One personal pepper spray proved vital when I overpowered two guys who tried to extort me. I knew them as bullies in our community so I was not really surprised that they would victimize even me one night. I had bought something in a store when one of them told me that he needed money. I just ignored him and continued walking but I was surprised to find that they were right on my trail. It was then that I readied the 2 oz. Pepper Shot pepper spray, and given its size, the guys were oblivious to the fact that I was carrying a non-lethal device for self-defense. I was surprised that one of them took out a knife while the other reiterated their demand. So, I quickly took the 2 oz. Pepper Shot pepper spray and aimed it at them. The punks immediately felt the pepper spray's effects and they started choking and fell to the ground. I then reported the incident to the cops. What I also like about these Pepper Shot pepper sprays is their compact frame, which gives me no troubles in toting them. I also appreciate the versatility of the personal pepper spray that I carry around. In fact, it can still be effective from a distance of 15 feet. Both pepper sprays make use of high-quality OC pepper that can rival any self-defense tool in terms of take-down power.
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